Divine Order

By admin | June, 9, 2011 | 10 comments

Lance Nitahara rang up a while back with word the producers of Chopped contacted him about returning to compete on a redemption episode. Interestingly he declined, sighting concerns our depth of interaction and subsequent challenge could not be duplicated. Along with the possibility of failing.

To put it plainly, that’s complete bollocks. I believe he would easily dispatch all competitors should his sole focus be to produce honest food with a level of respect no matter the ingredients. One reason for my victory was Lance’s extraordinary talent and fierce yet gracious competitiveness required my very best. It was an extreme pleasure to compete against such a formidable opponent and to now call him friend. As a result of much thought and meditation (plus a few choice words from his lovely wife), I’m honoured to share that Lance will indeed fire up the cooker again on Tuesday, July 26th at 10pm EST on Food Network.

Personally I feel he’s obligated, if only to dispel the notion reality TV is somehow maniacally driven. Crunch Time effectively disproved that. Furthermore, our collaboration showed that benevolence trumps perception and honouring oneself renders manipulative editing practices useless. Not to mention our daughters learnt first-hand that doing your best matters most (leading by example sort of thing). So I encourage you to tune in and show your support as Lance has at it again. Although the moment of absolute certainty doesn’t exist, I’m confident he’ll prove to be un-choppable.