Madison: My Secret Weapon for NO KITCHEN REQUIRED LIVE in NYC

In anticipation of the world premiere of BBC America’s all new original adventure-cooking-competition show NO KITCHEN REQUIRED on *** Tuesday Apr 3 at 10/9c ***, the three master chefs will face in their toughest cook-off: in the urban jungle of NYC!

But before the big New York culinary battle, each chef is scouring their favorite spots in the Big Apple to grab a secret ingredient to help them in the live competition – where the chefs will face the challenge of preparing dishes using native NYC ingredients, including crow, squirrel and hare.

Here, the first-ever “Chopped” Grand Champion Madison Cowan heads to downtown Brooklyn and “one of his favorite shops in all the world,” A Cook’s Companion. What “small and simple” kitchen appliance will he pick up to help him crank food out at the competition?

And will it help in the live competition with judges?
* David Diehl, the two-time Super Bowl champion offensive lineman for the New York Giants:
* Soraya Darabi, Digital Strategist and Co-founder of “Foodspotting”
* InStyle magazine’s Hal Rubenstein

From the creators of Chopped, NO KITCHEN REQUIRED follows three chefs as they are dropped into the most exotic and remote places on earth where they will work with the locals to hunt, fish and forage for ingredients to create a locally-inspired meal that will be judged by the community.

The three fearless chefs are:
* Award-winning New York restaurateur Michael Psilakis;
* First-ever Chopped Grand Champion Madison Cowan, who has roots in London, Detroit and Jamaica
* New Zealand chef Kayne Raymond.

The trio leave the comforts of their kitchens and are dropped into ten locations around the world including Belize, Dominica, New Zealand, Fiji, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Phuket, Thailand, Hawaii, New Mexico, Louisiana and Florida.

The series is hosted by British presenter Dr. Shini Somara (BBC’s One Show, BBC World News’ The Health Show) – who joins the chefs on the adventure.